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Over 20 years of Fun!


Big Time Toys, LLC is a toy company manufacturing and selling its own toy, novelty, seasonal, and sporting goods products to Mass-Market Retailers Worldwide. The Company’s most successful TV-advertised brands include: Super Swimmer™ Socker® Boppers, YoYoBall®, Splash Blasters®, and Moon Shoes®. The Company is headquartered in Nashville, TN where the Sales, Marketing and Accounting Departments operate. In addition, Big Time operates a Distribution center in Los Angeles and Manufacturing Management Offices in Hong Kong. Big Time Toys is a member of the TIA (Toy Industry Association).

Founded in 1996, our company vision is to build lasting brands by developing licensed and/or TV-promoted, stand-alone items that set themselves apart through their unique innovative qualities. Our values include creating quality toys which produce and enhance imagination, creativity, and fun. Our focus is to continue to grow and be a leader in the Toy Industry. We are passionate about introducing and developing successful new products supported with exceptional marketing, advertising, and promotions